Custom Gear

As of today’s date (Dec 4, 2014), final prototypes of my FET limiter have been used on 7 #1 country hits in the past year.

I’ve been designing custom gear for a few years now under the Landmine Audio moniker. It all started with guitar pedals (Thus “Landmine.” Get it? You step on ‘em?). I wanted things that didn’t exist, so I made them. Then I made them for friends. Then I custom made them for clients. Then I got bored with small stuff and started building professional outboard gear. One-off stuff by request. Tube limiters, FET limiters, VCA limiters, summing amps, tube mic pres. There are a few Grammy-winners among my clients and fans. I’m not comfortable naming names, but feel free to contact me for more information. I also do mods and custom console module rack mounting when I have time (references available).