Originally designed as a mixing-only facility, Cueva del Fuego has evolved into a well-equipped project studio. Tracking space is small, comfortable and ideal for just about everything but monstrous drums (Never fear – I’ve got another place for that!). Acoustic guitars, screaming half stacks and hushed vocals have all been cut in the cave.

What do I charge?

Go here for rates.

While I despise the gear arms race, I’ve…totally decided to participate:


  • Solid State Logic Matrix
  • HEAVILY modified Soundcraft 2400 (laugh all you want!): re-capped, up-chipped, API summing bus (with Red Dots), transformer-balanced outputs. Phat.



  • Apogee DA-16X (x2), Apogee Rosetta 800 (x2)
  • Antelope Isochrone OCX



  • Unity Audio The Rock Mk II



  • Pro Tools 11/12 HD
  • Logic Pro X
  • Presonus Studio One 3



  • All SoundToys
  • Some Sonnox
  • A ton of Waves
  • A few Eventide
  • Exponential Audio reverbs



  • t.c. electronic M5000 (x2)
  • Lexicon PCM 42
  • Lexicon PCM 60
  • Lexicon PCM 70
  • Lexicon PCM 80
  • Eventide H3000 (Eventide enthusiast?  Contact me for maintenance info.)
  • Dynacord DRP-20
  • Roland SDE3000 (x2)
  • Line 6 Echo Pro (x2)
  • Yamaha SPX900
  • Yamaha D5000 (one of the best digital delays ever made!)



  • Landmine Custom Electronics LFC-7 FET Limiter (x2) – these are the boxes being used on Grammy-winning recordings around Nashville
  • Landmine Custom Electronics LVLA-2 Stereo Tube Limiter
  • Millennia TCL-2 Stereo Optical Compressor
  • Smart C2
  • Smart C1LA
  • Elysia XPressor
  • BAE (Brent Averill) 10 DC Compressor/limiter (x2)
  • Daking FET Comp (x2)
  • Distressor (x2)
  • dbx 160x (x2)
  • Electro Harmonix NY-2A
  • Valley People Stereo Dynamite (the cool stacked-in-a-plastic-case one)
  • dbx 263x De-Esser (x2)
  • dbx 1074 Quad Gate
  • Calrec DL-1656 (x2)
  • Art Pro-VLA II (inexpensive and awesome)
  • Lee Jackson Creamy Compressor 500  (bizarre and fun)



  • Tube Tech PE 1C Pultec
  • Maag EQ4 (x2)
  • API 560 (x2)
  • API 550b (x2)
  • Altec 1592a mic/line mixer – groovy 70′s vibe-in-a-box
  • Pioneer “Hi-Fi” Stereo Spring Reverb
  • dbx 500 Subharmonic Synth (BOOM!)
  • dbx 128 Compressor/Expander thingy
  • Landmine Custom Electronics 16×4 Summing Amp Prototype



  • Millennia HV-3D
  • Vintech 273
  • API 3124
  • Retro Instruments Powerstrip
  • Presonus MP20 (HIGHLY underrated – get ‘em cheap!)
  • Landmine Custom Electronics “Tubenstein” weird prototype mic pre, line amp, DI, distortion generator with tone controls.